Papachef, the bytes and the beat


Papachef, we don’t call him this way for nothing. He’s the bummer leader, he motivates the troups and hits on our nerves the snare. He’s the one that knows everyone’s gear, the one who went accross every music website to know what’s-better-for-whom. He’s our drummer and our sound sausagineer, and he’s a hardcore cutie.

Mamy, Dr Whammy and Mr Axe


This boooold renegade carves his name with his blade ! Talentuous axe player, nothing can stop him. The more the notes, the better. He’s gonna double the melodies, triple ‘em, quadruple ‘em, quintuple ‘em all ! Nice and funny, no one can resist him.

Max, the black eyed keys, the color is silent


Max is THE conoisseur. You want to make him discover a band ? Give up, he already knows it. And make it listen to his ferret and his BB-8. With all these songs in his head, he’s the king of the style hybridization… When we can calm him down with the strings. He’s the master of the blinking buttons, our pouet-thingies and everything involving a keyboard watsoever.

Caiu, multicore singer


Caiu is the multicore eminence of the group. Emeritus muridae trainer and high priestess of the vegan order, she dedicates her life to an uncompromising fight for the open-source, the recognition of the *core and the abolition of Comic Sans. Besides his ability to sing, whisper, yell or rant anything that looks in any way to a collective delirium, her butterfly powers also allow her to do social networking, HTML-ing, and scribble-scribbl-ing.

Pierre, the brand new new


Because he’s worth it, talentuous and open-minded and because between us it was love at first jam, Pierre is now part of the family ! He's a versatile guitar player, and knows how to tame the shiest riffs and the wildest soli.