We’re a metal band with varied compositions mixing numerous influences. Wandering on the cold and barren lands between progressive and avantgarde metal, we pick what we like in every style, and sprinkle culturo-scientifical references on it.
Welcome to our world!

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No gig planned for now

But we like playing live! So if you’re looking for a band to play with you, most probably we’ll be glad to join!

Our first album

Its the story of an oyster grandma hopping on a quest to avenge her grandchildren, but the walrus is already dead cause you know, hermit king crab and stuff, even though it’s a disguised paguroidea, but he dies in his sandcastle ‘cause the pet monster of a viking is playing on the beach, you know, like the one under the telepathic lighthouse in which two keepers are living, but then it burns, and they die, so next there is like, toys, but then the protagonist realises that in fact he was just tripping in a hospital bed, so he decides he’s better off being a bleach bottle exploring the universe.